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Seamless Shanghai to Suzhou Day Trip, Discover Suzhou's Allure, Adventures Await!

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Shanghai to Suzhou day trip, crafted exclusively for you! Whether it's the convenience of a high-speed train or the flexibility of a scenic drive, we've got your travel covered. Sit back, relax, and let us handle all the details.

As you journey from Shanghai to Suzhou, immerse yourself in the charm of Suzhou's ancient gardens, picturesque waterways, and rich cultural heritage. Opt for the high-speed train for a swift and comfortable ride, or choose the scenic drive for a personalized experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore Suzhou's famed water towns – stroll along ancient canals, cross stone bridges, and witness the timeless beauty of Suzhou's unique water landscape. Our expert guides are ready to unveil the history, art, and beauty of Suzhou, ensuring your day trip is an unforgettable experience.

Book now and let us guide you seamlessly from the bustling streets of Shanghai to the timeless allure of Suzhou, including the enchanting water towns. Uncover the treasures of two cities in one incredible day – your adventure begins here!

Shanghai To Suzhou Day Trip, Discover Suzhou's Allure

Duration:8-9 hours

Attractions(Cities):The Humble Administrator's Garden, Lion Grove Garden, Pingjiang Road, Panmen Scenic Area, Hanshan Temple

Tour Style:Embark on a meticulously curated one-day adventure from Shanghai to Suzhou, designed for travelers eager to explore this historic city's essence. Our expertly guided tour blends cultural immersion with seamless logistics, ensuring you experience Suzhou's iconic landmarks effortlessly. From the tranquil Humble Administrator's Garden and mystique of Lion Grove Garden to the charm of Pingjiang Road and historical significance of Panmen Scenic Area, each moment is enriched with historical insights and local anecdotes. Enjoy authentic Suzhou cuisine for lunch and find tranquility at Hanshan Temple before a comfortable return to Shanghai. Experience Suzhou confidently, with every detail meticulously planned for your enjoyment and convenience.

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From $95 p/p

Duration:8-9 hours

Attractions(Cities):The Master of Nets Garden, Pingjiang Road,local food, Tongli Water Town

Tour Style:Noted as 'Heaven on Earth', Suzhou features Chinese classic gardens and numerous historical sites. This day trip from Shanghai to Suzhou handpacks top Suzhou city sights and Tongli water town attractions, your private tour guide will make the best of your time at each site.

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From $110 p/p

Duration:9 - 10 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lingering Garden, Master of Nets Garden, Suzhou Garden Museum, Shangtang Street

Tour Style:Suzhou is an ideal destination for people who love Chinese architectures, as Suzhou is famous throughout China for its classical gardens. Enjoy this Shanghai to Suzhou Day Trip: Suzhou Garden Exploration Tour discover the most famous garden of Suzhou, including the visit to Humble Administrator's Garden, you'll know why the art of the Humble Administrator's Garden has a prominent position in the history of China's garden creation, appreciate the architectural splendor of Mater of Nets Garden, to feel the tranquil beauty and special elements for gardens

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From $120 p/p

Duration:7 - 9 hours

Attractions(Cities):Zhouzhuang's Twin Bridges, Zhouzhuang's Old Drama Stage, Shen House,Chengxu Taoist Temple

Tour Style:Book this Travel to Suzhou From Shanghai day tour with our professional guide to visit Zhouzhuang's Twin Bridges, Zhouzhuang's Old Drama Stage, On this full day guided tour, accompanied by your knowledgeable guide, discover the 'No.1 Water Town in China', Zhouzhuang water town, learn the history and culture of ancient China, and experience its unique human life style & natural landscape.

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From $97 p/p

Duration:8 - 10 hours

Attractions(Cities):Lingering Garden, Boat Ride on Grand Canal, rickshaw ride, Shantang Street

Tour Style:Suzhou is not only famous for its classic gardens, but also more representative cultural heritages. Book this Shanghai to Suzhou Day Trip: Rickshaw Ride and Grand Canal Ride Tour with our professional guide, take a boat tour of the longest Beijing and Hangzhou Grand Canal in China, and experience the most primitive means of transportation in Suzhou City - rickshaw. Taking the high-speed rail from Shanghai to Suzhou will also be an excellent experience, including hotel transfers.

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From $95 p/p

Duration:9 - 10 hours

Attractions(Cities):Master of Nets Garden, Shantang street, Hanshan Temple, Tongli Water Town

Tour Style:Book this Shanghai to Suzhou Day Trip visiting Suzhou city highlights and Tongli Water Town Town from Shanghai by driving, Pick up/drop off at your hotel in Shanghai. You'll see how daily life has remained unchanged over the centuries in these unique old towns. Visit the Suzhou's magnificent gardens, feast on a Chinese lunch and travel through Tongli's waterways on a Chinese-style gondola (Optional).

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From $105 p/p

Duration:3 Days 2 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Humble Administrator’s Garden, Pingjiang Historic Road, West Lake,Lingyin Temple, Hefang Street,Wuzhen water town,Hundred-Bed Museum

Tour Style:Escape the hustle and bustle of city life with a refreshing weekend getaway to Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Wuzhen. After a bustling trip in crowded Shanghai, these neighboring cities offer a different experience, allowing you to unwind amidst winding canals, historical buildings, and classic gardens. Book our Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Wuzhen Tour: A 3-Day Exploration, and treat yourself or your family to a weekend filled with cultural immersion and relaxation..

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From $210 p/p

Duration:2 Days 1 Night

Attractions(Cities):Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden, Panmen Scenic Area, Hanshan Temple, Pingjiang Road, Shantang Street, Zhouzhuang Water Town, Twin bridges, local cuisine, zhang house

Tour Style:Suzhou is only a stone's throw from Shanghai, if you happen to be based in Shanghai for a few days or a few years, it's quick and easy to get from Shanghai to Suzhou for weekend getaways or short breaks get out of Shanghai. So We've compiled this Suzhou Tour From Shanghai: 2 Days Suzhou Highlights with Zhouzhuang Water Town to give you a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of this megacity!

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From $165 p/p

Most Asked Questions about Shanghai to Suzhou Tours

1. How can I get to Suzhou from Shanghai via train? How long is it?

It’s very convenient to take trains from Shanghai to Suzhou, there are many trains depart from Shanghai Hongqiao station and Shanghai station (close to Shanghai downtown). Normally, the train takes 30 minutes, and the price for the train tickets is around 40RMB or 7USD based on 2nd class seat for one way. You can book the train tickets online in advance and collect them when you arrived at train station. It’s quite easy to find the way since there are all with clear English sign.

2. I am planning a day trip to Suzhou from Shanghai by train, is day trip possible?

Yes, we offer various Suzhou day trips from Shanghai. Tourists prefer to take train instead of car from Shanghai to Suzhou since it’s very easy and comfortable. It takes only 25 minutes from Shanghai station to Suzhou station by bullet train. The attraction in Suzhou city is close to each other. Suzhou Day Trip from Shanghai is popular by our clients. If above Suzhou tours are not you interested, feel free to contact us to tailor made your own trip.

3. Do you have Shanghai group tour to Suzhou?

We have group day tour to Suzhou from Shanghai, the tour is daily available. Please make reservation 24 hours before you travel. The Suzhou group day tour includes pickup from Shanghai hotel and drive to Suzhou to visit city highlights and Zhouzhuang water town; Drive you back to Shanghai city after the tour. The package includes English tour guide service; Shanghai downtown hotel pick up service; main entrance fees for the places that you visited; Chinese tale lunch. For more tour details, please refer to 'Shanghai Group Tour' page or feel free to contact us.

4. Which garden should I visit if I travel to Suzhou?

Suzhou is world-renowned for its classical Chinese gardens. Commissioned by wealthy merchants, officials and scholars, these gardens depict China’s most stunning natural landscapes on a miniature scale, such as Humble Administrator’s Garden and Lingering Garden, Master of Nets Garden and Great Wave Pavilion are the most famous 4 gardens in Suzhou. All of them are worth visiting.

5. What is Suzhou famous for?

Suzhou is famous throughout China for its classical gardens. In fact, a famous quote goes "in heaven there is paradise, on earth there is Suzhou and Hangzhou. Suzhou residents were historically very wealthy because of the thriving silk industry in the region and many of these rich families had enormous compounds that included fantastic classical gardens. Many have been preserved and are now open to the public. In fact, nine of the gardens are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Site list. Moreover, Suzhou is the cradle of Kunqu Opera.

6. I will travel to Shanghai in April this year and plan a side trip to Suzhou. Could you please let me know if it’s a good time to visit Suzhou? If not, when is the best time to visit Suzhou?

Yes, April is the best time for travelers visit Suzhou. Spring in Suzhou (Mar to May) is attractive not only the scenery but also the temperature. There is one phrase to describe Suzhou's spring weather "the sunny March". With most warming days in spring time, Suzhou is decorated with green color. Suzhou has four distinct seasons, monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summer, and cool and damp winters with occasional snowfall. In terms of weather and climate, you can visit Suzhou all year around. However, the best time to visit Suzhou is from April to October, when the trees and flowers of this garden city are green and in full bloom.

7. We will reach Suzhou by train from Shanghai, can you pick up at train station?

Yes, the pickup service can be arranged at Suzhou train station for your Suzhou tour. Our guide will meet you at the exit of the train station (only one exit) with a welcome signage. Please advise your train schedule in advance because there are many trains arrive at the same time.

8. How long is the Suzhou classic tour from Shanghai by train? Do you have any train schedule that recommend?

Normally, day trip in Suzhou lasts around 7-8 hours. Starts at 9:00am or 9:30am, ends the tour at around 5:30pm.  This tour is flexible, the time schedule can be customiezed fit to your needs. Some useful tips for you to purchase the train tickets for this Shanghai to Suzhou day trip as below:

Shanghai –Suzhou
G7206 Shanghai Station to Suzhou station; Departs at 8:25am, arrives at 09:06am
G7006 Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Suzhou station; Departs at 9:00am, arrives at 9:25am

Suzhou – Shanghai
G7119 Suzhou Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Station; Departs at 17:49pm, arrives at 18:26pm
G7243 Suzhou Station to Shanghai Station; Departs at18:04pm, arrives at 18:36pm

9. What will be included in your Suzhou Classic Day Trip from Shanghai by Train?

The Suzhou train station/Suzhou hotel pick up & drop off service, personal tour guide service, entrance fees for the attractions we listed in the itinerary, private car service & skill driver, bottle water are included. The round way train tickets and Shanghai hotel-station pick up & drop off service are optional. We can arrange the transfer in Shanghai and book Shanghai Suzhou train tickets if you need the service.

10. How can I book a Suzhou tour with your company?

You can send us your inquiry about the tour that you are interested by email first, our travel consultant will reply to your inquiry with all the details in one hour. You will get a confirmation letter once we confirm the details for the tour. For the confirmation, we require 20% of total amount as deposit in advance and the balance you can pay our guide in cash.

11. Is 144-hour visa free policy suit for Suzhou city if I transit in Shanghai?

Yes, according to the Visa free policy, passengers can move around Shanghai, Jiangsu (Suzhou City) and Zhejiang (Hangzhou City). If you’re stopping in Shanghai for just a few days of your international journey and you want to wander the city, Shanghai 144-hour visa-free transit is a perfect option. 

12. I found there are two train stations in Suzhou, which one is better if I come from Shanghai for a day tour?

There are two train station in Suzhou, Suzhou North train station and Suzhou train station. Suzhou train station is closer to Suzhou city center and it’s more convenient if you only have short visit in Suzhou. It is about 2.2 miles (3.5 kilometers) to the city center, 1.3 miles (2 kilometers) to the Humble Administrator's Garden and 8.4 miles (13.5 kilometers) to the North Railway Station. We will recommend arrive Suzhou station if you come from Shanghai by high speed train.

13. Do you provide the train tickets booking service for Shanghai and Suzhou?

We also provide booking service for train ticket, please let us know your time schedule of your tour and send us the copies of your passports, we will book the train ticket accordingly and deliver to your hotel in 3 days. There is an extra cost for the service and delivery fee. As for the booking, we require full payment in advance

14. Is your Suzhou garden tour from Shanghai available for one person? Can you pick me up from my Shanghai hotel and drop off at hotel?

Yes, it's available. It's a private tour, you can explore the attractions at your own pace, you personal guide will share the information about the culture, history, people of Suzhou to you patiently. Also, pickup & drop-off service can be arranged at your Shanghai hotel. If you have a budget for the tour, we provide Shanghai group tour to Suzhou as well, you can visit the top highlights with other tourists, but get a cheaper price.

15. Can you arrange private transfer from Shanghai PVG airport to Suzhou downtown hotel? What’s the cost?

We can arrange the private transfer from Shanghai airport to Suzhou, so you can enjoy a most convenient and comfortable ride with your own professional driver and you will be dropped off at the Suzhou hotel or other downtown Suzhou areas that your requests. Different vehilce costs different. We have 5 seats car, 7 seats mini van, 15 seats van, 33 seats bus and even more. You can send us your detailed inquiry to us by email, we will quote you accordingly.

16. How can I plan a day tour to Suzhou from Shanghai?

City like Suzhou which gathers its best highlighting attractions together in the historical old city area is ideal for taking a day trip. When you in Suzhou, you must to visit the Suzhou Classical Garden, famous Grand Canal, Ancient streets like Pingjiang Road and Shantang Street, a visit to Suzhou can’t without learn the silk culture. Book one of our Suzhou day trips from Shanghai to make your one day in Suzhou memorable and unforgettable.

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