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Swift Suzhou Day Tour : Effortless Day Trip from Shanghai by Train

From $95 per person
Swift Suzhou Day Tour : Effortless Day Trip from Shanghai by Train
  • Swift Suzhou Day Tour : Effortless Day Trip from Shanghai by Train
  • Swift Suzhou Day Tour : Effortless Day Trip from Shanghai by Train
  • Swift Suzhou Day Tour : Effortless Day Trip from Shanghai by Train
  • Swift Suzhou Day Tour : Effortless Day Trip from Shanghai by Train
  • Swift Suzhou Day Tour : Effortless Day Trip from Shanghai by Train

Tour Style:
Book a day trip from Shanghai by train let you enjoy all the benefits of a guided Suzhou 1 day tour including Suzhou Train Station pickup and drop-off. With your personal guide, wander at Humble Administration Garden, explore the Hanshan Temple's charm, admire Panmen gate to learn the profound history of Suzhou, take a pleasant stroll down ancient street.

Duration: 10 hours

Humble Administration Garden, Panmen Gate, Hanshan Temple, Pingjiang road,Shantang Street,

Pick-up point:
Your hotel in Shanghai (based on your requirement)

Finishing point:
Your hotel in Shanghai (based on your requirement)

Tour Customizable:
Absolutely! (Tell us your requirements in your inquiry)

Payment Types:
Cash, Wire, Paypal, Western Union, Alipay, Wechat

Available: Daily

Tour Itinerary

  • Place&Transport: Shanghai
  • Today's Activities: Humble Administrator's Garden, Panmen Gate, Hanshan Temple, Pingjiang Road, Shantang Street
  • Accommodation: N/A
  • Meal: N/A

Our professional guide, fluent in multiple languages, will accompany you throughout the journey, providing detailed insights into the attractions and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. Our experienced and skilled driver will safely transport you, with the vehicle being impeccably maintained to guarantee comfort and safety throughout the entire excursion.We can also help you book high-speed rail tickets .Your exciting one-day tour begins with a warm greeting from your guide at your hotel or at the Suzhou train station. Look for the distinctive "Your Way Holiday" welcome sign. The day's itinerary will take you through the highlights of Suzhou, showcasing the best of this ancient city.

Your Way Holiday in Suzhou

First, you'll travel comfortably to Suzhou, where your adventure begins at the renowned Humble Administrator's Garden. Our knowledgeable guide will lead you through this classic example of Ming Dynasty garden design, explaining the intricate architecture, rockeries, and ponds that exemplify traditional Chinese garden aesthetics. As one of China's four famous gardens, the Humble Administrator's Garden offers a profound glimpse intoclassical garden design. Your guide will illuminate the philosophical and aesthetic principles behind its layout, ensuring you appreciate the cultural and historical significance of each element.


Next agenda is Pammen GatePanmen Gate, a historical landmark in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, is situated at the southwest corner of Suzhou’s Main Canal. Originally constructed during the Spring and Autumn period by the state of Wu, it is estimated to be around 2,500 years old. Today, it is a central feature of the Pan Gate Scenic Area and is renowned for the "Three Landmarks of Pan Gate": the Ruiguang Pagoda, the Wu Gate Bridge, and Pan Gate itself.The Ruiguang Pagoda, built in 247, is the oldest pagoda in Suzhou. It is constructed of brick with wooden platforms and adorned with simple Buddhist carvings at its base. The Wu Gate Bridge, which served as the entrance over the water passage during its time, was the highest bridge in Suzhou. Together with Pan Gate, these landmarks offer a glimpse into the rich history and architectural heritage of the region.


Following Panmen, you'll head to Hanshan Temple, an ancient Buddhist temple renowned for the poem "A Night Mooring by Maple Bridge" with its famous line, "The moonlit night and the sound of the midnight bell reach the boat." Your guide will narrate the temple's history and its role in Chinese Buddhist culture, showing you around the temple's precious artifacts and historical relics. The serene and contemplative atmosphere will be enriched by the guide’s insightful commentary, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of the site.


For lunch, your guide will take you to a local restaurant to enjoy authentic Suzhou cuisine. Here, you will have the opportunity to sample Suzhou's famous dishes such as Squirrel-shaped Mandarin Fish, Braised Pork Belly, and Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs. The guide will assist in the ordering process, explaining each dish and catering to your dietary preferences, whether vegetarian or Muslim.


In the afternoon, your tour continues to Pingjiang Road, an ancient street known for its well-preserved architecture and rich historical atmosphere. Stroll along this historic street with your guide, who will share stories of its past and take you to explore traditional craft shops, tea houses, and food stalls. This personalized tour will give you a taste of Suzhou's local life and cultural heritage, with the guide providing valuable insights and ensuring a rich and immersive experience. You might also have the chance to try local snacks like Suzhou-style Mooncakes and Sticky Rice Dumplings.


Next, you will visit Shantang Street, often referred to as the "miniature of old Suzhou and the window of Wu culture." Your guide will lead you through this thousand-year-old street, explaining its cultural and historical significance. Enjoy shopping, sampling local snacks, and perhaps catching a traditional Suzhou Pingtan performance. The guide's expertise will help you navigate the vibrant local culture, ensuring you make the most of this dynamic and historically rich area. Be sure to try Eight Treasures Tea and Watermelon Slices with Osmanthus Sauce, local favorites that reflect Suzhou's rich culinary traditions.


As evening approaches, your guide will escort you back to Suzhou train station.Throughout the journey, the guide’s professional demeanor, deep knowledge, and exceptional service will guarantee a superior travel experience.Through the carefully planned itinerary by "Your Way Holiday," you will gain deep insights into the cultural essence and historical charm of Suzhou, enjoying an unparalleled travel experience enriched with local culinary delights.

Optional Activities

We provide off the beaten track Suzhou activities as below to enhance your tour experience. You can choose some of them to customize the above tour. Or if time permits, you can add one or two of them in the above itinerary (Only additional entrance fee required. And some are free charge of entrance fee).

Streamlined Ticket Booking: Your Stress-Free Travel Solution 

According to your needs, we are pleased to offer you our ticket booking service, ensuring a hassle-free experience when it comes to securing transportation for your journey. Whether you require train tickets for your travels within or beyond Shanghai, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. With our efficient booking system, you can rely on us to handle all the details, from selecting the most convenient travel dates to securing your preferred seating arrangements. Simply provide us with your travel itinerary and preferences, and we'll take care of the rest, ensuring you have your tickets ready for a smooth and stress-free journey. 


Premium Airport or High-Speed Train Station Pick-Up Service in Shanghai

For a seamless transfer from Shanghai train station to your hotel or from the airport to the train station, rely on our premium transfer service. Our professional drivers provide a warm welcome, assist with luggage, and ensure a comfortable journey in our modern, air-conditioned vehicles. Whether traveling solo or in a group, choose from sedans, SUVs, or spacious vans tailored to your needs. Enjoy the luxury of personalized service as we navigate the best routes for a smooth and timely transfer.


A Touch of Life in Suzhou - Morning Wet Market Experience   
Visit the local wet markt is an oppotunity to experience the local's life in the hidden parts of the city, avoiding the beaten tracks or fully packed tourist sites. You will be immersed in the local culture as we make our way through the hustle and bustle of narrow alleyways surrounded by the buzzing of vehicles and yelling of street vendors. For the time being the Wet Market scene in Suzhou is all still very much "old China"and is very much alive.

Vegetable-MarketVegetable Market

Getting into Suzhou Tiger Hill Wedding Gown Street   
If you want to look gogorgeous on your wedding day but don't want to splurge your entire life savings on your wedding, then Suzhou Tiger Wedding Gown Street is a paradise for you. It is a street after street of endless shops selling nothing but wedding stuff with affordable price but good design & quality. Think of it as a one stop solution to all your wedding day needs.


Delvo into the brillant culture of Su Embroidery    
Gian a comprehensive cultural introduction of Su Embroidery with your guide by visiting the Su Embroidery Research Institute. Su Embroidery is one of the four major styles of Chinese embroidery. Here you'll be able to learn the process of how to make the most exquisite silk hand embroidery - Su Embroidery.


Shopping Like A Local   
Shopping at Suzhou is not only enjoy the materials, but also to receive a kind of taste and culture. The rivers and lakes at the south of the Yangtze River bring intelligence to the Suzhou people, which make them produce particularly delicate goods. Just follow your tour guide, enjoy your shopping in Suzhou, you'll get a feeling of leisure.


Experience Chinese rickshaw ride at Suzhou old Town      
If you want to travel Suzhou in-depth, riding on a rickshaw at Suzhou old town is fantastic. See the narrow lanes, the open markets and the local people's life more clearly. And the professional rickshaw pullers are often familiar with Suzhou’s history, culture and folk customs, from whom you will gain a more understanding of traditions and cultures of this famous garden city.


Private Boat Ride on Grand Canal     
Enjoy a private boat ride on Grand Canal in Suzhou to appreciate the ancient black-tiled-roof houses, old bridges, and get a fell for the life of the locals. Tranquil, peaceful and historical, just like a time machine to take you back to the old era when ancient people communicated mainly by shipping on the waterway. 


Act as A Local - Enjoy A Cup of Tea at Local Teahouse   
Drink tea and enjoy the Suzhou opera in an old-world ambience is a prat of local's life. The local teahousw is famous for its tea and "Ping Tan" (a Chinese form of storytelling accompanied with music played by stagers.) You'll definitely be attracted by the architecture and the Ping Tan nice sound from inside. It is a good way of appreciating the Suzhou culture by drinking tea and listening to the traditional Ping Tan. 


Experience Pottery in Suzhou  
If you are interested in Chinese ceramics culture, why not take a short class to learn how make a pottery in your way.  Your teacher will teach you how to make a good pottery artwork even you are the first time to experice the ceramic pottery making, our tour guide will translate to you. 


Learn How to Perform Suzhou Kunqu Opera               
Kunqu Opera in Suzhou is one of the oldest extant forms of Chinese opera. Under the guidance of your teache, get your own way to know how to use Kunqu style body language to show your emossion.  you'll wear the Kunqu dress and learn how to act the Kunqu Opera. Also, you could have chance to learn how to do Kunqu Opera style make-up.


From $95 per person
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Price Per Person in US Dollars

Price Includes

1. Cozy Ride: Enjoy the comfort and spaciousness of our air-conditioned car, offering scenic views.
2. Bilingual Expert Guide: Benefit from a personalized experience with a guide fluent in your language, catering to your needs.
3. Entrance Fees: Access to all attractions and activities mentioned in the itinerary.
4. Seamless Transfer: Enhance your experience with convenient hotel or train station pickup and drop-off service.
5. Connect Seamlessly: Stay connected with complimentary onboard WiFi, allowing you to share your experiences in real-time.
6. Complimentary Water: Receive a bottle of water for each person.

Price Excludes

1. Personal Expenses: This includes phone bills, laundry, additional tours, postage, and any entertainment fees not covered in the itinerary.
2. Meals: While meals are not included, our guide will recommend the best local food spots, giving you the chance to explore and choose based on your preferences. (Average cost per person for a regular meal at local eateries: 40RMB/6USD-80RMB/12USD)
3. Tips: Tips are not mandatory but are recommended for excellent service. If you feel satisfied with the service, you may consider leaving a tip.
4. Insurance: Insurance coverage for personal loss, illness, or damages incurred during your trip is not included.
5. Optional Activities: Any optional activities listed in the itinerary are not covered by the tour fees.

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Alvin K
Reviewed on 23 January 2020

We organised our own private tour through a consultant with Shanghai Private Tour. The team were brilliant. We gave them a few ideas and places to go and they gave us a customised itinerary. After several tweaks, of which they were more than accommodating, we had our own private tour that was perfectly organised.

May, our guide was excellent. She met us at the Suzhou train station upon arrival, communication was great from the strat. May was very knowledgeable and went at a comfortable pace, even was able to accommodate somelast minute chages. Our driver was also very friendly and helpful. It was a private tour and absolutely stress free. we had a comfortable car ride from our hotel to Shanghai train station and took bullet train to Suzhou, at the end of the tour, we were taken back to our hotel in Shanghai. Everything was very timely. Having personal guide and car made the experience very memorable.

I highly recommend this Shanghai to Suzhou tour and tour guide.

Pilar Debuque
Reviewed on 30 November 2019

We highly recommend Shanghai Private Tour for a day trip to Suzhou. We are experienced travelers and generally able to navigate airports and metro systems, however, the Shanghai and Suzhou train stations would have been complete diasters for us without a guided tour. No english subtitles on truly giant train track board; thousands of people on missions to catch trains. Our guide Alex had prepurchased tickets, collected passports in advance and cheerfully guided us through the maze. His english skills are excellent--to the extent that she truly understands American humor and responds accordingly. He was able to intuit our food preferences and found just the right spicy restaurant and street snacks. We also appreciated his tips on sights in Shanghai (thanks Alex for guiding us to the umbrells in Peoples Park). At the end of the day, it felt like we had seen Suzhou with a new friend.

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Tour Style:Whenever you get a 2-day or 3-day weekend on hand in Shanghai, it is time to go out for Shanghai weekend trip. Explore all the top attractions on this 3-day customized Hangzhou tour package from Shanghai, enjoy boating on the West Lake, appreciate Buddhism culture at Lingyin Temple, learn more about tea culture at Meijiawu Tea Plantation, explore the old alleyways and streets of Wuzhen old town… it's very easy to access by bullet train from Shanghai. Accompanied by your knowledgeable guide, you'll see both authentic local culture and fascinating landscape.

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From $200 p/p

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