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China Pavillion for Shanghai World Expo 2010


Introduction to The expo 2010 China pavilion
The China pavilion at Expo 2010 (Chinese: 中国国家馆; pinyin: Zhōngguó guójiā guǎn) in Shanghai, China, colloquially known as the Oriental Crown (Chinese: 东方之冠; pinyin: Dōngfāng zhī Guān), was the largest national pavilion at the Shanghai Expo and the largest display in the history of the World Expo. It was also the most expensive pavilion at the Shanghai Expo costing an estimated US$220 million.The pavilion showcases China’s illustrious civilisation and modern achievements by combining traditional and modern elements in its architecture, landscaping and exhibits. The pavilion was reopened on December 1,2010 for the first time since the end of the Shanghai Expo and will continue to be open to the public until May 31,2011 in the with the exhibits shown during the expo. Afterwards, the pavilion will be converted into a museum of Chinese culture and history(The Palace of Fine Arts) 

The 69.9-metre high pavilion, the tallest structure at the Expo, is dubbed "The Oriental Crown" because of its resemblance to an ancient Chinese crown.The architectonic feature of the building was inspired by the Chinese roof bracket known as the dougong as well as the Chinese ding vessel. The dougong symbolizes the unique charm of Chinese architecture and the unity and strength. The China pavilion's four giant columns resemble the legs of a ding vessel while the inverted pyramid body resembles the bowl of a vessel. The rooftop of the building is in the shape of a grid-like pattern reminiscent of Jiugongge when view from the air. The exterior is painted in seven subtle shades of Chinese red, symbolizing Chinese culture and good fortune. The overhanging columns of the main China pavilion and exterior of the Chinese joint provincial pavilion are decorated with Diezhuan characters, calligraphic characters used on official seals. 

The structure was built with a strong emphasis on sustainable and energy-saving practices with the exterior offering thermal insulation and natural ventilation. The inverted pyramid design and the lower courtyard offers a large overhang for self-shading. There is a 0.36 mega-watt solar energy system on the rooftop while the thermal panels and insulating glasses on the exterior are energy-saving initiatives.

A high-tech rooftop garden surrounding the China pavilion and on top of the Chinese Joint Provincial pavilion is known as "New Jiuzhou Qing Yan" The 27,000-square metre traditional garden contains modern landscaping techniques and technology including rainwater harvesting techniques and is decorated with distinctly Chinese-style landscaping inspired by the Jiuzhou Qing Yan in the Yuanmingyuan. The garden provides space for public recreation and crowd evacuation.It uses nine landscaping features to symbolize nine characteristic topographies of China, namely, human habitat (here represented by the main building itself), farmlands, lakes, mountains, seas, forests, alpine meadows, valleys and deserts.

Exhibitions at The expo 2010 China pavilion
The theme is demonstrated in 3 exhibition areas on different floors with a total area about 15,000 square meters. A tour of this 3-storey pavilion will take about 45 minutes. Visitors will first take an elevator to the highest floor, which is the largest exhibition area among the 3. An 8 minute video at the Omnimax Theater will show the stories about China's reform over the past 30 years. 


After finishing watching the movie, visitors may see a famous classical Chinese painting, “Along the River during the Qingming Festival”, displayed in a 49-meter-long hall through a huge screen. Painted by a Song Dynasty artist, Zhang Zeduan, the original version of the painting is more than 5 meters long, portraying the daily life in Kaifeng, the capital of China 900 years ago. With the latest multimedia technology, over 1,500 lifelike 3D characters will be walking and moving.
On the way to the second floor, visitors may see a vast green area, which reflects relations between human and nature, and the prospects of urban-rural development.

Then, the excursion trains will take visitors to appreciate the great wisdom and achievements in China's urban development from ancient to modern times. Ancient Chinese wooden architecture, Chinese arches, Chinese gardens, Chinese landscape architecture, and Dougong brackets will be the highlights of this exploring trip.

After the train trip, visitors will go down to a lower level to see a fantastic hall showing latest low-carbon technologies, and how the Chinese are using their intelligence and ingenuity to address future challenges in urbanization.

After October 1, 2012, the Shanghai Art Museum will move into the former World Expo China Pavilion and change China Palace of Fine Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The Shanghai Art Museum (上海美术馆) is an art museum in the city of Shanghai, China. Built in the 1930s as the clubhouse for the race track that stood where People's Square is now, the Shanghai Museum of Art has recently expanded its exhibition roster to include foreign artists. The Museum is also the hub for the Shanghai Biennale. now, there are more than 8000 exhibits in the museum on the basis of which theoretical research and other researches concerning art museum are being carried out.

The Palace of Fine Arts(The old of expo 2010 China pavilion ), in Shanghai after two years of careful preparation, in 2012 October 1st grand opening test.In addition to the original works, at the same time you can see a lot of works of art, let you better enjoy the visual.With these excellent exhibitions, visitors may learn more about the historical and future urban development of China.

Opening Tme:Daily, 9:00am-5:00pm.(Last entrance 4:00pm) Closed on Mondays
Admission Fee: Special Exhibition 20 yuan and Permanent exhibition Free
Ticket reservation:30 people ( including 30) above the team can be 7 days in advance booking visit

Subway routes:Take Subway 7 Yaohua Road station.Subway line 8 to the Palace of Fine Arts station
Bus routes: Take bus 82, 164, 177, 314, 454, 576, 734, 786, 818, 974, 978 in Pudong South Road to get off
Take bus 82, 734, 786, 974 get off at Yaohua Road Licheng Road
Take bus 17, 36, 205, 733 get off at terminus of Lupu Bridge
Address:No. 161,Shanghai City, Pudong New Area Road 

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