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Shanghai has a humid subtropical climate and experiences four distinct seasons.
So we suggest you come on Spring(March-May) and Autumn(Sep-Nov).You can take less clothes.

Shanghai has an extensive and convenient public transport system.
Metros, fare depends on the length of travel distance starting from 3 RMB.
Buses, normally costs 2 RMB
A taxi, the base fare is currently 14 RMB and add 3 RMB/kilometre.On late night, would be more expensive.
Four major railway stations: Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station, Shanghai West Railway Station, and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.
Two commercial airports: Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

Currency exchange service is available at most hotels, all banks. Credit card is widely acceptable as means of payment in hotels, department stores and boutiques. The credit cards commonly acceptable in China are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Card.

Known as the 'Oriental Paris', Shanghai is a shopper's paradise. There are various bustling commercial streets and shopping centers waiting for the shopaholic. One of the musts for visitors is the Nanjing Road. Huaihai Road intrigues those with modern and fashionable tastes, while North Sichuan Road meets the demands of ordinary folk. Xujiahui Shopping Center, Yuyuan Shopping City and Jiali Sleepless City are also thriving and popular destinations. 

You can easily to find the local food in Shanghai,or foreign dining place like KFC.Here I mentioned some specials.
Recommended Muslim Restaurants:

Qing Mei Ju
Chinese Name: ??? (qing méi ju)
Specialties: Qing Mei Ju is an old restaurant famous for its superb fresh mutton hot pot. The mutton tastes delicious after being boiled in the special copper pot. The big mutton and egg dumplings are also recommended.
Address: No. 131, Fengyang Road, Huangpu District (near Xinchang Road)
Operating Hours: 10:00 - 24:00
Average cost per person: CNY 50 - 80

Sai Liang Mu
Chinese Name: ??????? (sài liang mù qing zhen can ting)
Specialties: It serves mutton and beef dishes with dainty appearances and excellent taste. The shashliks, grilled mutton chop, grilled gigot and Dapan Chicken are worth trying.
Address: No. 106, East Nandan Road, Xuhui District (near Tianyaoqiao Road)
Operating Hours: 11:00 - 14:00, 17:00 - 22:30
Average cost per person: CNY 50

Hong Chang Xing Mutton Hot Pot
Chinese Name: ?????? (hóng cháng xing yáng ròu guan)
Specialties: Opened in 1891, it is famous for fresh mutton hot pot. The fresh mutton and other food materials are boiled in the plain water in a copper boiler and then dipped into the sauce before being eaten. The shashliks and mutton dumplings are also recommended.
Address: 10F, No. 288, North Guangxi Road, Huangpu District (near East Nanjing Road)
Operating Hours: 11:00 - 14:00, 17:00 - 22:00
Average cost per person: CNY 70 - 80

Yu Xiang Zhai
Chinese Name: ??????? (yù xiang zhai niú yáng ròu guan)
Specialties: Common beef and mutton dishes are available here such as fresh mutton hot pot and beef noodles.
Address: No. 48, South Yunnan Road, Huangpu District (near East Yan'an Road)
Operating Hours: 10:00 - 4:00 (the next day)
Average cost per person: CNY 30 - 50

A Fan Ti
Chinese Name: ??? (a fán tí)
Specialties: It is decorated with a typical Islamic style. There is Uygur music and dance performance every night. You can try the shashliks, grilled mutton chop, mutton rice, Dapan Chicken and stir-fried Nang. If you have less than ten people, you'd better give up the idea of ordering the roasted whole sheep. You will be surprised by the huge size of the dish!
Address: B1, Tianshan Hotel, No. 775, Quyang Road, Hongkou District (near East Tiyuhui Road)
Operating Hours: 7:00 - 23:00
Average cost per person: CNY 50 - 100

Useful information

Shanghai Useful Phone Numbers
Area Code: 021
Fire Emergency: 119
Police: 110

Shanghai Branch of Citibank; Floor 20, China Shipping Building, No.1, Pudong Main Street, 58791200
Shanghai Branch of Overseas Chinese Bank; Floor 23, No.710, Oriental Road, 58200200
Yangpu Subbranch of Shanghai Branch of Huaxia Bank, No.1207, Kongjiang Road, 65709961
The Head Quarter of Bank of Communications, No.18 Xianxia Road, 62751234
Shanghai Pudong Developing Bank (The Headquarter), No.50 Ningbo Road, 63291188
Shanghai Bank, No.476 Xianxia Road, 62955327 

Post Office
Lujiazui Post Suboffice; No.365, Shangcheng Road
Post Service Center in New Century Square; No.501, Zhangzhang Road
Oriental Pearl Tower Post Office; No.2, Fenghe Road (259meters away from the Oriental Pearl Tower)
Post Service Center in the Sight-seeing Hall of Jin Mao Tower; Floor 88 of The Sight-seeing Hall of Jin Mao Tower 

Be prepared for huge crowds at the airport, tourist sites, shopping areas, restaurants, and hotels during the Chinese New Year (usually in January or February) and the week-long holidays of International Labor Day (May 1) and National Day (Oct 1). 

Night lifes 

Shanghai is fascinating for night owls. The Bund is an absolute must for visitors. The rippling Huangpu River, characteristic buildings on the west bank and extraordinarily futuristic skyscrapers on the east bank all become more enchanting adorned in sparkling colored lights at night. A night cruise on the Huangpu River is highly recommended. For art lovers, Shanghai Grand Theater and Oriental Art Center will delight a visitor's taste. For those seeking relaxation, the ideal choice should be Hengshan Road and Xin Tian Di which are thronged with a variety of nightclubs, discos and bars.

Bars or nightclubs: the actions mainly gather in Xintiandi (???), Hengshan Road (???), Maoming South Road (????), Huaihai Road (???), Fuxing Park (????). 

CJW Jazz Bar (CJW????????) features its overlooking view of the Bund, Chinese-Jazz-mixed music, seductive wine lists and cigar.
Add: 50 floor, No.222 Yanan East Road, Huangpu District / ????222 

Cotton Club (?????), a noted classic Jazz club, has night live performances and audience/performer interaction.
Add: No.1428, Huaihai Zhong Road / ????1428?

Must-see Show: Shanghai is leading in acrobatic performances in China and even the world.

Shanghai Circus World (?????) nightly offers more awe-invoking acrobatic and magic performances from 7:30-9:pm.
Add: NO.2266, Gongshengxin Road / ???????2266?

Shanghai Centre Theatre (??????) offers not amazing but still entertaining show from 7:30-9:pm of most days.
Add: NO.1376, West Nanjing Road / ????1376?
Site: www.shanghaicentre.com

Lyceum Theatre (?????) also performs nice acrobatic show from 7:30-9:pm every night.
Add: NO.57, Maoming Lu / ???57?

Shopping in Shanghai.

There are many business districts to satisfy your shopping desire in Shanghai. 

Huaihai Road and Nanjing Road are the best known shopping streets with clusters of grand shopping malls and department stores. Nanjing Road (east) tends to be for tourists and Huaihai Road is more favored by the locals. 

Nanjing Road has famed trendy malls like Westgate Mall (?????), Itokin (???), Plaza 66 (????), Citic Square (??????). 

On Huaihai Road, different budgets can find the suitable choices from mid-range and frequent-on-sale Parkson Department Store & Supermarket (??????) and Taipingyang Department Store (?????) to the high-end Maison Mode Department Store (????) and Lane Crawford (???). 

Distinct from the Huaihai Roadgrand neighbor, Maoming Road (???) Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanxi South Road (????) and Xinle Road (???) have gathered cool boutiques with the cheongsam, chic shoes and clothing, jewelry, etc.

Qipu Road Clothing Wholesale Market (?????????) is a heaven of large quantity of reasonably-priced clothing (major for female). Sharp eye and haggle is needed for the varying-quality products here.

If you want to hunt for some souvenirs, arts, crafts, Yuyuan Bazaar (with a wide range of second-hand stuffs, artworks, snacks) and Duolun Road (with antiques shops, museums, galleries) are worthy of a visit.

Yunnan Lu (???), an old cuisine street near People's Square area, are for most first timers. Here it gathers majority of local old-brand Chinese foods like Xiaoshaoxing (???, add: NO.69-75, Yunnan South Road, Huangpu District) special for its sliced boiled chicken with sauce, Xiandelai Paigu Niangao (???????, Add: NO.46 Yunnan South Road, Huangpu District) with its pork-chop and rice cake, etc.

Chenghuang Temple (???) with variety shanghai snacks, Wujiang Lu (???) with local and non-shanghai eateries, Huanghe Lu (???) with old-brand Shanghai cuisine and seafood restaurants, are also the places for the food hunters.

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