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Survival Chinese

Post Date: 2017/08/03 10:40
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Its important for you to learn Chinese when you travel in China. 


Here is the list of commonly used phrases: 


EnglishChinese Pronunciation
Hello!Ni Hao!
Good morning!Zao Shang Hao!
Good afternoon!Xia Wu Hao!
Good evening!Wan Shang Hao!
Good-Bye!Zai Jian!
Good night!Wan An!
Sorry.Dui Bu Qi (or Bao Qian).
Excuse me (or us)Lao Jia (or Qing Yuan Liang).
Very Good!Hen Hao!(or Fei Chang Bang).


EnglishChinese Pronunciation
My name is David.Wo Jiao David.
I'm 12 years old.Wo 12 Sui Le (Wo Jin Nian 12 Sui).
I'm from America (Canada or UK).Wo lai Zi Mei Guo (Jia Na Da or Ying Guo).
I am in Grade 6.Wo Du Liu Nian Ji.
My favourite sport is basketball.Wo Zui Xi Huan De Yun Dong Shi Da Lan Qiu.

Ask for Assistance

EnglishChinese Pronunciation
I get lost. Please help? Wo Mi Lu Le, Qing Bang Zhu?
Do you speak English?Ni Hui Shuo Ying Yu Ma?
I want to go to hotel.Wo Yao Qu Jiu Dian.
This is the address.Zhe Shi Di Zhi.
Where can I find  washroom?Na Li You Ce Suo?
Where is the entrance?Ru Kou Zai Na Li?
Where is the exit.Chu Kou Zai Na Li?
Where can I find a telephoneNa li You Dian Hua?
I am hungry (thirsty or tired)Wo E (Ke, Lei) Le.


EnglishChinese Pronunciation
How much is it?Duo Shao Qian?
Too Expensive.Tai Gui La.
I don't want this one.Wo Bu Yao Zhe Ge.
Do you have anything cheaper?You Pian Yi De Ma?
This one is very beautifulZhe Ge Hen Piao Liang(Mei).
This one is too big (or small). Zhe Ge Tai Da (Xiao).


EnglishChinese Pronunciation
East, West, South, NorthDong, Xi, Nan, Bei.


EnglishChinese Pronunciation
Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, White.Hong, Lv, Huang, Lan, Hei, Bai.

Size, Weight & Measure

EnglishChinese Pronunciation
Big, SmallDa, Xiao
Heavy, LightZhong, Qing
Long, ShortChang, Duan
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