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Luxury China Tours

Post Date: 2020/02/03 18:35
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Are you looking for Luxury China ToursShanghai Private Tours specialize in luxury holiday packages and private tours. Our luxury China tours offers intimate experiences, personalized services and luxury vehicle services that together promise a miximun of pleasure and a minimun of stress. Our guides are peronal and knowledgeable, they will take you to visit Great Wall of Beijing, Terracotta Warriors of Xian, Enjoy luxury boat cruise on Huangpu River in Shanghai, admire breathtaking view of Yellow Mountain and much more! You'll get an insider tour experience and immerse yourself in cultural adventures. Moreovers, great gourmet meals, local boutique hotels with beautiful surroundings, first class train seat or flight seat are arranged for you. In conclusion, you can either choose among our many incredible luxury travel packages or we can assist you in customizing your own signature luxury travel package. Experience the best Luxury tour in China with us right now!

The Most Popular Luxury China Tours

9 Days Best Scenic and Culture Tour Around Shanghai (Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou & Huangshan)

Take in the highlights of this 9-day Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou and Huangshan tour package covering the best cities around Shanghai, accompanied by a private guide and including accommodation, meals and transport. Cruise down the Grand Canal in Suzhou, visit Suzhou's ancient gardens and spend a leisure time in water town. Soak up the scenery of Hangzhou visiting the famous West Lake, the Longjing Tea Plantation and village. Then, explore the "No.1 Mountain under the Heaven"-Huangshan, hike through the surrounding mountains and explore the UNESCO-listed Village Hongcun Village.



6 Days China Ancient Capitals Tour by High Speed Train (Beijing & Xian)

This 6 Days ancient capitals tour to Beijing & Xian is an ideal option for who want to spend a short time for China Tour. Beijing, Xian both are popular tour destination in China. By this tour,will let you know this mysterious oriental country deeply. 



15 Days Best of China Tour with Yangtze River Cruise (Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai) 

Enjoy your luxury China tour with this 15 days best of China tour with Yangtze river cruise! Accompanied by your knowledgeable, explore the must-see sights in Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing and Shanghai, such as Great Wall of Beijing, Terracotta Warriors in Xian, leisurely boat cruise on Yangtze River, the Bund in Shanghai, and more at your own pace. This China tour package let you enjoy all the benefits of a guided tour including hassle-free transportation. 




What does Luxury travel & tours mean?
Luxury travel & tours means experiencing destinations in inspirational, unprecedented ways on your terms. It is the delivery of superior services and products in a convenient and engaging way. 

Luxury travel & tours offers tour guide, accommodation, meals, transportation and more. Tour guide are specifically trained in the region in which they guide China tours and might hold a degree in archeology, history or another subject related to the tour you book. The hotel accommodation typically are of the highest quality and offer amenities such as personal concierge services and deluxe spa services. Luxury Travel & Tours generally offer luxury transportation such as limousine transportation to and from the airport, first-class seat of Bullet Train or Air Ticket and personal service throughout the entire tour. Luxury tours generally attract affluent travelers who can afford the extra amenities and comfort.

Besides Luxury travel & Tours that the personal attention is almost always superior, there are also high-end luxury cruises that travel to exotic locations and offer luxury amenities, services and five-star references. All-inclusive luxury cruises can offer the same amenities as most luxury hotels as well as the personal assistance to meet all the needs of each traveler.

Why choose our Luxury China Tour? Is there something special?
Providing the warm, sincere and anticipatory service is always the key for us to offer differentiate a luxury travel experience to travelers. Our Luxury China tours begin with intimate experiences, personalized service, gourmet meals, difficult to reach destinations and beautiful landscapes. If you want to craft a journey that highlights your passions & interest, we are absolutely your best choice. All our luxury tours focus on health & wellness, photography, cooking, architecture or history, with private tours and experiences that will enhance your skills and knowledge. We will build out the finest luxury travel packages and provide the best insider access opportunities anywhere around China.

Highlights of our Luxury China Tours
- more about the experience, rather than just the appearance
- being able to fuel your needs in their entirety, whether physical, emotional, or intellectual
- an appreciation for the finer things in life tempered with the hidden gems of a destination’s local culture
- enrichment, authenticity, and exclusivity
- experiences tailored to your personalized preferences, including what your desire, how you like it, where you want to visit

Ideas of our Luxury China Tours
- it's no longer enough to meet or exceed standards, what we all want is to feel the wonder and awe we experienced as children, when our world was new.
- craft luxury tours that is about sanity, time and exceptional experiences.
- Luxury can be synonymous with convenience
- anticipate travelers'needs, satisfy those needs quickly and with little effort on visitors'part

All travelers need cuisine, but the luxury travelers seeks out culinary experiences as a hallmark of their vacation. Whether in taking local cooking classes on their trip, using a culinary experience as a trip theme (as in wine region tourism), or dining at fine restaurants around the world, travelers make cuisine a priority of their travel dollars. For these travelers, local sourcing and sustainability issues increase the cache of this travel. Consumers are willing to pay more for upmarket experiences, yet have high expectations of quality and authenticity.

Tour Guide
Both cultural heritage and local culture are huge drivers of global travel. Tour guides takes an important role in spreading culture. Our guides typically are specifically trained in a strict way so that they can guide China tours and hold a degree in archeology, history, culture or nature of China. Our tour guides aiming to offer the unique travel experience to our travelers. In addition, our tour guide are professional, and has experience in the travel industry, help the group with any problems or questions that arise for the duration of the tour.

Hotel Accommodations
The hotel accommodations of luxury China tours typically are of the highest quality and offer amenities such as personal concierge services and deluxe spa services. The tour guide of a luxury tour is generally the main contact on the entire tour. The guide can provide the personal assistance and attention to each traveler on the tour.

Luxury tours of China generally offer luxury transportation such as private aircraft or first-class service on an international airline carrier, limousine transportation to and from the airport, deluxe accommodations and personal service throughout the entire tour. These tours generally attract affluent travelers who can afford the extra amenities and comfort.

Luxury activities for traveling to China (Optional Activities)
Add activities for a luxury China trip that could help travelers who want their dreams to become reality.

1) Ultimate Helicopter Experience at China Great Wall
The China Great Wall is one of the wonders of the world that created by people. If you without climbing the Great Wall in China, it's just like without visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or going to Egyet without visiting the Pyamids! Actually, the Great Wall began as independent walls for different states when it was first built, and did not become the " Great Wall" until the Qin Dynasty. Beijing is the best place to visit the Great Wall of China, and all the sections in Beijing have thier own unique features.

A luxury helicopter experience won't let you look up at all the steps you have left to climb to reach the top. Instead you will be look down at the breathtaking view; The Great Wall of China rising and sinking with the curves of the mountains. It's definately an exciting adventure to see the Great Wall of Beijing from the air by helicopter, and an ultimate opportunity to take the panorama and unparalleled pictures of China's iconic landmark. It is also a romatic and warm way to enjoy with family members or friends. Presently, only Badaling Great Wall provides the helicopter tour programme and the visitors could select a tour by timing among 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes.  The helicopter experience is very safe for the most people. They are manufactured by Eurocopter. The helicopter has ever set a record that the first helicopter to land on Mt. Everest (29,029 ft) in May 2005.

Helicopter Experience.jpg

2) Have an Authentic Experience in Beijing Hutong by Rickshaw
If you are looking to have an "authentic experience" when in Beijing, why not come to explor old Hutongs. Beijing Hutongs are the old traditional alleys and thousands of lanes weaving in between the courtyard homes surrounding the Forbidden City where most Beijing residents used to live. A trip through the Hutongs gave us a glimpse of Chinese traditional life.

We take incredible care of our customers's luxury travel needs and keep their best interests in mind by way of knowing the best part of Beijing city.We special arrange a tailor-made tour to old part of Beijing city. By rickshaw to explore and visit Hutong is a entertaining and relaxing way,it is a typical transportation in Beijing which can take you around the city rapidly and less tiringly. It provides a unique view of Beijing and becomes more and more popular with tourists. A rickshaw is more expensive than taking a taxi but allows tourists to enjoy the street scene and is more convenient for avoid traffic jams. So by taking a rickshaw and traveling at a leisurely pace, one can gain a more intimate flavor of life in old Beijing. Rickshaws can always be found at the important transportation hubs located at the city center and the tourist areas. Beyond that, you will have a chance to visit the local family in Hutong area to see and know the local lifestyle. Cooking class at their home can be arranged as well, the experience of a cooking class at Hutong Cuisine offered insight into local life from beginning to end.

Hutong Rickshaw.jpg

3) Luxurious Yacht Experience on Shanghai Huangpu River
The Huangpu river is a symbol of Shanghai and one of the top attractions in the city. Both sides of the river have iconic landmarks, but with a very different back history. On one side, you can see the Bund, a street full of neoclassic styles buildings from the mid-19th century.

Do you want to find a private and luxury yacht in Shanghai with your family and friends? Shanghai is a great place to have the Luxurious Yacht Experience in China. If you need a private yahct service, we can arrange the private yacht and take you to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Huangpu River and spend quality time with your friends and family. Get up-close looks of the growing skyline in Shanghai. Enjoy a unique perspective of the historical architecture on the west side of the river which contrasts with the modern sky-rise apartments of the east side. Spend the rest of your tour roaming around the decks or simply relaxing while watching the bustling port city around you.The yacht will be available for hosting elegant lunch or evening cruises, private functions, family celebrations, special parties and cocktail receptions.

Shanghai Yacht_03.jpg

4) Have a Shanghai Buffet Dinner in The Clouds-Oriental Pearl Tower Revolving Restaurant
Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the tallest towers in the world, it's one of famous landmarks in Shanghai and known as the symbol of modern Shanghai, while the historical buildings of western styles seen along the Bund represent the historical Shanghai.What it has been built in Shanghai new district, just in front of the Bund across the river, you may better see from the top. The Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the available place to experience such a most amzing view and on all over this immense city.

Visiting the Pearl Tower Restaurant and have a fancy dinner there, it is quite luxurious and unique experience when you in Shanghai. Skip the line to enter the Revolving restaurant.The revolving floor allows you to drink in the magnificent skyline of this metropolis from many different angles. The buffet meal selection includes a range of meals from all over the world,ranging from oriental, asian, to western food. The buffet there is just like a typical one- you can have your seafoods cook and serve, make your own noodles, and even request for wine. It is available to book the window table ahead of time to be sure you have a good view. If the weather is overcast,the view is best at night when the city lights brighten up the skyline.

Oriental Pearl Tower Restaurant.jpg

5) Skip the line: Shanghai Disneyland Park Fast Pass Tikcet
Disneyland Park - known as the happiest place in the world, with its fantastic theme, joyful atmosphere, and evocative memories of all people's childhood. But the biggest worry about Disneyland is the number of tourists. Shanghai Disneyland presents never-before-seen lands like Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove, and Gardens of Imagination as well as one-of-a-kind attractions and experiences that includes the largest castle in any Disney theme park around the world! Discover this magical place where you can ignite the dream inside your heart with family and friends!

Shanghai Disneyland is quite busy especially during the Chinese holidays. It makes tourists waste a lot of time waiting in line. Please don't worry, we have the Fastpass Card to enter the park, you don't need to queue and allow you to avoid lines at select attractions by getting a ticket that assigns you a one-hour window to come back. It will be a great experience if you have have the fast-pass to enter Disneyland Park.

shanghai disneyland_01.png

6) Enjoy a Qin Dynasty feast at Qin Theme Restaurant, Xian
The ancient city of Xian which is the imperial capital of China and home of the Terracotta Army, is famous for its distinctive cuisine as well. "The First Emperor"- The emperor Qin united China from his base in the Xi'an area, and he has left a mighty legacy. Food lovers are spoiled for choice in Xi’an, with its dizzying array of local restaurants and street food.

Have a fine dinning at Qin Theme Restaurant which is decorated in the Qin Dynasty style and you will dress the Qin Dynasty costume when having the meal. The ceremony throughout the dining process is a special feature of the banquet, which imitates imperial cuisine with individual serving. When you walked into the restaurant, you will seat in a fine and luxurious room. I believe that you will be awed by the interior design of the place. It is influenced by the Qin dynasty. In this high-end restaurant, you can feel yourself traveling back in time when you dress the Qin costume to take pictures around. Then you will be served dishes by dishes with a introduce. The carefully-prepared Qin style dishes are unique. Each dish is not very heavy, but very delicate with abundant variety, and suitable for guests who want to feel the culture of local food. It is not only the gastronomic experience but also once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience.

Xian Themed Restaurant_02.jpg

7)  Private West Lake Boat Cruise with Ancient Chinese Lute Performance
Westlake is the reason why visitors come to visit Hangzhou City. Particularly Hangzhou West Lake is one of China’s crown jewels. Its natural beauty is among the most irresistible, the great Marco Polo who declared Hangzhou as the finest city in the world he had ever seen. It’s quite busy around the lake since the lake is free open for public.

Do you want to avoid the crowds and visit the lake in a relax way? Why not take our luxury rowing boat to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the lake. By this boat, you will not only cruise around the lake to see the view but also enjoy the traditional lute performance. The lute performance is one of the most popular Chinese instruments and has been played for almost two thousand years in China. Drinking Hangzhou's local Longjing tea (Dragon Well Tea), listening to the beautiful music, you will be completely immersed in this pleasant leisure time.

westlake boat.jpg

8) Experience The Face-Changing Magic of Sichuan Opera, Chengdu
The Face-Changing (Bian Lian in Chinese), it's very popular in Sichuan Province with over 300 years history. Sichuan Opera is one of the traditional opera genres in China, popular in Sichuan and Chengdu is the birthplace of Face-Changing in China. Most of the actors are veterans, and the actors in these plays almost instantaneously change their faces. Doing so conveys different moods, meaning that the switches have to be not only fast but, undetectable to the audience.

If you plan to travel to Sichuan and want to learn the unique culture here, you can take photos as you like and can experience the opera outfits and facial makeup. For example,veteran actors may play cute and say some catchwords during the show, and the face-changing stunt may reveal a Spider-Man face.It is a complete luxury Chengdu Tour with the tasting of local opera, you will get a personal experience with putting on the stage costume and experience the sichuan opera facial makeup, following our master to learn the sichuan opera actions. Venture within the richly decorated building and take a seat in the VIP seating, sink into a luxurious chair and enjoy a relaxing massage and ear grooming session before the show starts. Later, enjoy the local sichuan opera show & Experience the unique folk culture and leisure life of Chengdu city.

Sichuan Opera_01.jpg

9) Cycling the Countryside of Incredible Yangshuo
As the old saying goes "Guilin scenery is finest in the world, and Yangshuo is the best." Yangshuo is a "mus-visit" place when you taking a Guilin tour. It is well-known for the stunning natural scenery. Visitors will have opportunity to visit a local farming family which will illustrate the real countryside life. The countryside of Yangshuo is a paradise for cycling.

When you choose the luxury experience, clients enjoy VIP service during the cycling tour in Yangshuo. With a professional, friendly tour guide and well-equipped bicycle. The Luxury Service will throughout each part of your trip from start to finish. Experience the sublime local scenery on a leisurely bike ride to the Yulong River area. The villages here are still relatively untouched by tourism, and visitors are often greeted with a friendly 'Nihao!' or 'Hello!' from villagers working in the paddy fields. This is an ideal place to relax and witness local life up close. The ride will be primarily on level ground but traffic can be a little heavy when leaving and returning to town. Visits to Yulong Bridge and the Ming Dynasty bridge can also be included if your energy permits. It will be an unforgettable tour experience if you take the cycling during your stay in Guilin!

yangshuo cycling_01.jpg

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