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3-Day Shanghai Trip Package Including Zhujiajiao Water Town Excursion

From $180 per person
3-Day Shanghai Trip Package Including Zhujiajiao Water Town Excursion
  • 3-Day Shanghai Trip Package Including Zhujiajiao Water Town Excursion
  • 3-Day Shanghai Trip Package Including Zhujiajiao Water Town Excursion
  • 3-Day Shanghai Trip Package Including Zhujiajiao Water Town Excursion
  • 3-Day Shanghai Trip Package Including Zhujiajiao Water Town Excursion
  • 3-Day Shanghai Trip Package Including Zhujiajiao Water Town Excursion

Tour Style:
Book this Shanghai Vacation Packages: 3-Day Shanghai Essential with Zhujiajiao Water Town Tour experience Shanghai's most incredible city attractions and the remarkable "Oriental Venice" water town Zhujiajiao with your knowledgeable local shanghai tour guide. This private tour is particularly designed for first-time travelers to Shanghai to get an insight into its people, culture, history and the dynamic urban life.

Duration: 3 Days, 2 Nights

The Bund, Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar, Shanghai Confucian Temple, Tianzifang, Jade Buddha Temple, Nanjing Road, Old French Concession, Boat cruise on the Huangpu river, Pudong New Area, Shanghai Oriental TV Tower, Zhujiajiao Water Town

Pick-up point:
Your hotel in Shanghai or Shanghai train station (based on your requirement)

Finishing point:
Your hotel in Shanghai or Shanghai train station (based on your requirement)

Tour Customizable:
Absolutely! (Tell us your requirements in your inquiry)

Payment Types:
Cash, Wire, Paypal, WesternUnion, Wechat, Alipay

Available: Daily


Payment Guide | Terms & Conditions

Day 1

  • Place&Transport: Shanghai
  • Today's Activities: The Bund, Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar, Shanghai Confucian Temple, Tianzifang, Jade Buddha Temple
  • Accommodation: N/A
  • Meal: N/A

Embark on a 3-day Shanghai adventure, where the pulsating heart of China's modern marvels and the serene whispers of its ancient soul converge. With "Your Way Holiday," you're not just visiting; you're immersing yourself in a city that defies time. Our professional guides, with their deep knowledge and passion for storytelling, ensure each site becomes a vivid chapter in your journey through Shanghai.

Your Way Holiday in Shanghai

Begin your adventure at The Bund, the symbol of Shanghai's historical and financial significance. As you walk along this iconic waterfront, you're greeted by an architectural museum showcasing styles from Gothic to Baroque, Renaissance to Neoclassicism, standing in stark contrast to the futuristic skyline of Pudong across the Huangpu River. This area, stretching from Yan'an Road to Waibaidu Bridge, offers more than breathtaking cityscapes; it's a testament to Shanghai's evolution from a modest trading town to a bustling metropolis known as the "Paris of the East." Our guide will enrich your stroll with anecdotes and insights, highlighting the architectural diversity and historical events that have shaped this remarkable cityscape.This narrative journey, provided by our guide, ensures a deep and engaging exploration of The Bund, making it not just a walk but a memorable historical journey.

The Bundthe bund shanghai

Next, pay a visit to Yuyuan Garden, Yuyuan Garden stands as a serene retreat and a splendid example of Ming Dynasty garden design, established in 1559. This exquisite garden, spanning over five acres, is segmented into areas each offering unique vistas, interconnected by a network of paths. Highlights include the Great Rockery, offering panoramic views, and the Exquisite Jade Rock, symbolizing sophisticated aesthetics. Ponds brimming with koi fish and reflective Lotus Pools harmonize with meticulously crafted pavilions, embodying the essence of traditional Chinese architecture and garden aesthetics.Our guide will enrich your exploration of Yuyuan, revealing the garden's historical context, the symbolism behind its design, and the principles of feng shui that shape its layout. You'll discover the stories and cultural significance of its pavilions and rockeries, making your visit an insightful journey into the heart of Chinese garden art. This narrated experience promises a deep appreciation of Yuyuan's beauty and its role in Chinese heritage, condensed into a vivid exploration of tranquility amidst Shanghai's dynamism.

YuyuanYuyuan Garden shanghai

Adjacent to the tranquil Yuyuan Garden, the Yuyuan Bazaar thrives as a bustling center of tradition and modernity. Its lively lanes overflow with an array of traditional crafts, from exquisite silk embroideries to handcrafted jade ornaments, each telling a story of Shanghai's rich artisanal heritage. The air is fragrant with the aroma of local delicacies, such as steaming soup dumplings and sweet red bean pastries, inviting visitors to indulge in the authentic tastes of the city. This market is a tapestry of culture and commerce, where the past and present of Shanghai meld seamlessly, offering a kaleidoscope of experiences that dazzle the senses. As you wander through this vibrant marketplace, our guide will unveil the history and stories behind the ancient crafts and the age-old recipes, enhancing your exploration with insights into the cultural heartbeat of Shanghai. The Yuyuan Bazaar is not just a place to shop and eat; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the living culture of Shanghai, experiencing firsthand the dynamic blend of history and modernity that defines this city.

City God TempleCity God Temple

Afterwards, head to The Shanghai Confucian Temple, dedicated to the veneration of Confucius, stands as a monument to China's esteemed philosopher and educator. This serene complex, with its ancient halls and tranquil courtyards, offers a glimpse into the traditional rites and architectural beauty dedicated to Confucian teachings. As you walk through its gates, you're stepping into a world where scholarship and virtue were paramount. The temple not only served as a place of worship but also as a premier institution for Confucian studies in Shanghai. Our guide will provide context to the temple's artifacts and architecture, exploring Confucius's enduring legacy and the temple's role in the cultural and educational history of Shanghai, making your visit an insightful experience into Chinese philosophical thought.

Confucius TempleConfucion Temple

Continue your tour to Tianzifang in Taikang Road, charming enclave within the historic French Concession, offers a unique blend of the old and the new. This bustling area, known for preserving the traditional Shikumen architecture amidst its narrow alleys, has evolved into a thriving arts and crafts hub. Here, contemporary art galleries, boutiques, and eateries coexist with the rhythms of everyday residential life, offering a vivid snapshot of Shanghai's dynamic culture. Tianzifang's appeal lies in its ability to maintain the architectural and cultural integrity of the past while embracing modern creativity and entrepreneurship. Our guide will lead you through its maze-like lanes, sharing stories of Tianzifang's transformation and highlighting the creativity and innovation that flourish within its walls, offering a deeper appreciation for Shanghai's complex identity.


Your final stop is Jade Buddha Temple,The Temple offers a peaceful respite from Shanghai's urban energy, housing two rare jade Buddha statues that embody the essence of Buddhist tranquility and grace. This sacred site, with its beautiful courtyards and prayer halls, stands as a testament to spiritual devotion and architectural beauty. The temple's history, from its founding in the late Qing Dynasty to its role in contemporary Buddhism, reflects the resilience and continuity of Buddhist practice in China. Our guide will delve into the stories of the temple's revered jade Buddhas, the significance of its religious artifacts, and the principles of Buddhism that permeate the temple grounds, providing a contemplative and enlightening conclusion to your Shanghai experience.

Jade Buddha TempleJade Buddha Temple

After a day filled with exploration and discovery, our guide and driver will ensure a comfortable and seamless journey back to your hotel, allowing you to relax and reflect on the unforgettable experiences of the day.

Day 2

  • Place&Transport: Shanghai
  • Today's Activities: Nanjing Road, Old French Concession, Boat cruise on the Huangpu river, Pudong New Area, Shanghai Oriental TV Tower
  • Accommodation: N/A
  • Meal: N/A

After breakfast, jump into the heart of Shanghai with us, where old meets new in the coolest ways. Our expert guide's got the inside scoop on all the must-see spots. You're in for a treat, discovering everything that makes this city buzz, from its epic skyscrapers to the hidden gems. Let's make some memories in this awesome city together!

Your adventure begins on Nanjing Road, Shanghai's premier shopping street. Stretching from the bustling People's Square to the majestic Bund, this 5.5 km thoroughfare is a kaleidoscope of modern commerce and historical elegance. As you navigate through its pedestrian-only path, you'll encounter a variety of shops from high-end boutiques to traditional vendors, offering everything from luxury brands to local handicrafts. The vibrant atmosphere here, combined with the architectural diversity, tells the story of Shanghai's evolution into the "No. 1 commercial center" of China. Our guide will enhance your stroll with fascinating anecdotes and historical insights, making your walk down Nanjing Road a journey through the heart of Shanghai's commercial legacy.

Nanjing RoadNanjing Road

Next, we transport you to the Old French Concession, an area that exudes a European charm with its cobbled streets and wrought-iron railings, reminiscent of 19th-century Paris. This district is a testament to Shanghai's cosmopolitan past, offering a peaceful respite from the city's hustle with its shaded avenues and chic cafés. Listen as your guide recounts tales of the area's radical cultural transformation and points out hidden gems, providing a deeper understanding of the Concession's historical significance and botanical beauty.

Old French ConcessionOld French Cocession

A boat cruise down the Huangpu River presents an unparalleled perspective of Shanghai's architectural grandeur. From the historic Bund on the west bank to the futuristic skyline of Pudong on the east, the contrast is striking. Witness iconic structures such as the Yangpu and Nanpu Bridges and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower from this unique vantage point. Our guide will share the stories behind these landmarks, enriching your cruise with insights into Shanghai's architectural evolution and the river's role in the city's development.


In the afternoon, head to the Pudong New Area stands as a testament to Shanghai's audacious leap into the future, with its skyline dominated by towering edifices of steel and glass. This district, once rural farmland, now symbolizes China's rapid economic expansion and technological prowess. As you explore Pudong, our guide will elucidate the strategic developments and pivotal moments that have transformed the area into a financial and commercial powerhouse. The narrative of Pudong's rise, set against the backdrop of its awe-inspiring skyscrapers, offers a glimpse into the ambition and innovation that drive Shanghai.


The last stop is Shanghai Oriental TV Tower, piercing the sky at 468 meters, is not just an architectural marvel but a cultural landmark, embodying the aspirations of a city reaching for the heavens. As the once tallest structure in China, it offers breathtaking panoramas from its observation decks, providing a bird's eye view of Shanghai's sprawling expanse. Our guide will share the tower's design philosophy and its significance in the context of Shanghai's urban development, enhancing your visit with stories of its construction and the symbolic role it plays in the city's identity.Our guide will provide context to the tower's architectural significance and its place within the tapestry of Shanghai's skyline, ensuring your visit is as informative as it is spectacular.

Shanghai TVShanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Following your day's enriching explorations, our professional guide will ensure your seamless and comfortable transportation back to your hotel, concluding your adventure with the same attentive care and service that marked its beginning.

Day 3

  • Place&Transport: Shanghai-Zhujiajiao-Shanghai
  • Today's Activities: Zhujiajiao Water Town
  • Accommodation: N/A
  • Meal: N/A

Head off on a cool trip to Zhujiajiao Water Town, a peaceful spot right in the middle of Shanghai's hustle. Kick back and enjoy the 40-minute ride there, chilling out as we handle everything. Our friendly team's got you covered from start to finish, making sure you're all set for an amazing day ahead.

Upon arrival, immerse yourself in the elegance of Kezhi Garden, also known as the "Ma Family Garden." Constructed in 1912 with a lavish investment of 300,000 silver dollars over 15 years, this sprawling garden is a testament to the Ma family's wealth and refined taste. Divided into three main sections – the hall, rockery, and garden – each area offers a unique glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of its owners and the artistic expressions of literati who left their mark here. Our guide will lead you through the intricacies of traditional Chinese garden design, highlighting the rich cultural heritage and personal stories that make Kezhi Garden a fascinating reflection of China's past. Our guide's insights will enhance your appreciation for the garden's historical significance and architectural beauty, ensuring a memorable start to your tour.

Kezhi GardenKezhi Garden

Venture into the Great Qing Post Office, the cornerstone of eastern China's postal history since its inception in 1892. This landmark not only offers a window into the evolution of the postal service but also houses a fascinating collection of artifacts and stamps, each telling its own story of the past. Our guide will unveil the rich history behind this institution, highlighting its pivotal role in China's communication revolution. From tales of the first postal uniforms to the introduction of mailboxes, you'll discover the profound impact of the postal service on Chinese society and its significance in linking diverse regions of the country. Through engaging narratives, the guide will connect you to the cultural and technological strides made in the realm of communication, making your visit an enlightening journey through China's postal legacy.

Qing Post OfficeQing Post Office

Savor lunch at a local Chinese restaurant, where our guide will introduce you to the rich flavors of regional dishes, from Shanghai's signature dumplings to the zest of Szechuan cuisine. 

Afterward, visit the historic Fangsheng Bridge in Zhujiajiao, the area's largest stone bridge, built in 1571. This architectural marvel is not only a testament to ancient engineering but also a canvas of Ming Dynasty aesthetics, adorned with intricate carvings of dragons encircling a pearl and flanked by guardian stone lions that stand as silent protectors of its legacy. Walking across this bridge is like stepping into a scene from a bygone era, where every stone tells a story of faith, art, and the harmonious coexistence with nature. Our guide will delve into the bridge's cultural and historical significance, offering insights into its Ming Dynasty artistry and the legends that have woven themselves into the fabric of its existence, making for a deeply enriching experience that connects you to the soul of ancient China.


Conclude your exploration of Zhujiajiao by embarking on a serene boat cruise, offering an unparalleled vantage point to appreciate the water town's timeless beauty. Gliding along the ancient canals, you'll pass under historic stone bridges and beside traditional shophouses, each echoing stories of days gone by. This tranquil journey through the town's waterways is not just a chance to unwind but an immersive way to connect with the local culture and heritage, offering insights into the daily lives of the residents and the architectural marvels that have stood the test of time. Our guide will provide engaging commentary on the unique aspects of water town life and the significance of water in shaping the community's history and identity, enriching your experience with tales and traditions that capture the essence of this enchanting place.


As your tour concludes, we ensure a comfortable and hassle-free return to your Shanghai hotel or the train station, tailored to your preferences. Our professional guide's commitment to excellence and personalized service highlights the seamless and caring experience you can expect with us from start to finish.

Optional Activities

Shanghai is a city with a multicultural blend. It has many famous tourist attractions, such as the Bund, Yuyuan Garden and Nanjing road pedestrian street. However, it will be crowded in the peak seasons. If you want to get to know Shanghai from a new perspective and look for the secrets that unknown, our Shanghai Private Tour offers you 100% flexibility. you can replace or mix and match the places you want to go or the activities you want to participate in. Below we list some unconventional activities and minority attractions for your reference.

Visit the BIGGEST STARBUCKS FLAGSHIP STORE in the world (Free for charge)
Starbucks flagship store on Nanjing West Road is the world's largest store, not in Seattle but in downtown Shanghai. Here you will see a rich variety of coffee and snacks, which can absolutely dazzle you with the limited edition of Starbucks peripheral products, just like a Coffee Museum, the only one in the world. Before the end of your trip in Shanghai, Go and explore.

Star BucksStar Bucks

Jewish Culture in Shanghai-Jewish Refugees Museum (Free for charge)
Jewish Refugees Museum witnessed the vicissitudes of Shanghai and Jewish residents during World War II. You can took half an hour to visit the museum, talk to history and listen to their past stories. Witness the vicissitudes of Shanghai and the origin of Jewish culture.

Jewish MuseumJewish Museum

Afternoon tea experience in Moller Villa Mansion (Admission Fee: Free)
There is a place in Shanghai that will give you a whole new afternoon tea experience - Moller Villa mansion. The mansion features beautiful Tudor and Gothic architecture including brown and multicolored tiled steeples and resembles a European castle. Now it has become a restaurant, where there are very authentic afternoon tea, with old Shanghai atmosphere. Tired of traveling? Let your guide take you to this garden style castle for an afternoon tea.

Moller Villa MansionMoller Villa Mansion

Art appreciation in 1933 Creative Hub (Free for charge)
If you want to get to know more about the history and culture of Shanghai, why not ask your guide to bring you to the 1933 Creative Hub. It was a slaughterhouse, but now one of the most famous historical buildings in Shanghai. You will be amazed by the complex structure and the architecture with the essence of eastern and Western culture.

1933 Creative Hub1933 New

Breakfast Experience at Yuyuan Bazaar (within 20 Yuan P.P)
If you haven't eaten Nanxiang Soup Dumplings, you have never been to Shanghai. And the best Nanxiang Soup Dumpling should be tasted in Yuyuan Bazaar (city god temple), Tired of breakfast in the hotel? Don't Worry! You can choose to go to the Yuyuan Bazaar for your Nanxiang Soup Dumpling breakfast, which is very fantastic.

Dim SumYuyuan New

From $180 per person
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1. Cozy Ride: Enjoy the comfort and spaciousness of our air-conditioned car, offering scenic views.
2. Bilingual Expert Guide: Benefit from a personalized experience with a guide fluent in your language, catering to your needs.
3. Entrance Fees: Access all attractions and activities mentioned in the itinerary without worrying about additional entrance fees.
4. Seamless Transfer: Enhance your experience with convenient hotel or train station pickup and drop-off service.
5. Connect Seamlessly: Stay connected with complimentary onboard WiFi, allowing you to share your experiences in real-time.
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1. Personal Expenses: This includes phone bills, laundry, additional tours, postage, and any entertainment fees not covered in the itinerary.
2. Meals: While meals are not included, our guide will recommend the best local food spots, giving you the chance to explore and choose based on your preferences. (Average cost per person for a regular meal at local eateries: 40RMB/6USD-80RMB/12USD)
3. Tips: Tips are not mandatory but are recommended for excellent service. If you feel satisfied with the service, you may consider leaving a tip.
4. Insurance: Insurance coverage for personal loss, illness, or damages incurred during your trip is not included.
5. Optional Activities: Any optional activities listed in the itinerary are not included in the tour fees, allowing you to choose and participate based on your preferences.
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Reviewed on 21 January 2020

Our family, including two children (age 5 and 8), myself and husband, and both sets of grandparents are from Singapore, we toured Shanghai with Shanghai Private Tour in Jan. Our experience far exceeded all of our expectations thanks to Shanghai Private Tour team. They arranged our hotel, tour itinerary and meals. Everything was great!

We had an excellent guide Autumn, very professional, hard-waorking and friendly. She was very helpful and flexible, and truly went above and beyond to make sure that were comfortrable and enjoying our trip. Autumn made us feel like a dear friend was showing us the sights of her hometown. We were so impressed with professionalism and skill of our driver, we always felt safe even in challenging traffic and road conditions.

I highly recommend Shanghai Private Tour and will definitely use them again for future visits to China.

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